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Tifinagh Script Converter

Online transliterator based on mapping Tifinagh characters to their corresponding Arabic and Latin characters and vise versa. Click here to see the full version.

TMX Viewer

TMX Viewer screen
A lightweight tool that let you browse Translation Memory Exchange files (*.TMX). The tool support viewing multiple language files with the ability to sort and search entries.

Main Features:

  • Display multiple language translation.
  • Unicode support.
  • Language column positions can be rearranged and sorted.
  • A simple search tool.
  • Select/copy and paste as Tab-delimited data; that means you can select and copy all or part of the data and paste directly into Excel sheet.
  • Standalone and portable program with a single executable file that is not dependant on other platform like Java or .Net.

To download: 64-bit (750 KB)  2023-07-03

Tifinagh Script Converter


Provide instant conversion between Tifinagh, Latin and Arabic scripts, with support for large text.

To download: 32-bit (710 KB)


Arabic Code Page Converter

Converts text files from many Arabic code pages to windows (Arabic) code page. Supported code pages are: Nafitha, Sakhr, Arabic Dos, Aptec, Arab Word, IBM and ASMO406.

To download: 32-bit (630 KB)


MDB Diff Tool

A light diff tool to compare the structure of two Microsoft Access *.mdb files.

To download: 32-bit (540 KB)

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