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Eazy Po Features



The application

  • Lightweight and fast
  • Portable application, running natively without extra software
  • Smooth and easy to use interface
  • Unicode support
  • Right-to- Left languages support
  • Supports editing of large files
  • Freeware software

Navigation and view

  • Option to show reference, context, text length and line number along messages
  • Option to show word wrapped text in message list
  • Sort on source messages, translated messages, line number, context, reference or text length
  • Filter messages by:  translated, not translated, fuzzy, modified, plurals, errors, warnings, source file, domain or keyword
  • Filtering by incremental search
  • Locate messages by index number or line number
  • Locate message in catalog source file and source code file
  • Easy to configure and use bookmarks
  • Multiple messages marking for bulk operations and easier locating
  • Customized font for source text, translation text or message list
  • Locate message in catalog source and source code file with external editor
  • Internal viewer for catalog source with color highlights
  • Synchronize navigating between messages list and catalog source viewer
  • Navigable list of find all
  • Search in project files
  • Search in recent opened files
  • Zoom in or out with Ctrl + mouse scroll wheel
  • Copy selected cells in message list as tab delimited text
  • Message Domain support
  • KDE-style comments support


  • Special editor for long message
  • Special editor for html tagged message
  • Preview text with html tags and escape characters
  • Spot any formatting error in the translation
  • Highlighted tags
  • Editing directly on translation list
  • Find and replace
  • Revert to saved

Catalog management

  • Bulk Management for obsolete entries
  • Bulk management for fuzzy messages
  • Manage previous and comments entries
  • Format page width of catalog file

Catalog Header

  • View Header information
  • Add comments to header file
  • Pre defined lists for language code and plural forms
  • Smart adjustment for plurals
  • View developer’s comment in header


  • Validate catalog on demand, with error and warning list
  • Option to validate catalog on opening
  • Easy to navigate errors and warnings
  • Validate correctness of tags, punctuations, double spaces, numbers and text length

Catalog creation from source code

  • Powerful and user friendly manager for xgetext tool
  • Just locate the main source folder and press command to view the generated Pot file
  • Easy to add/ exclude folders and files from source parsing
  • Reorder folders/files for source code parsing
  • Auto detection for language and keywords
  • Generate xgetext command for later or external use
  • Edit generated command for further customization
  • Setting most of xgetext options
  • Review the result catalog without leaving xgetext manager

Catalog creation from documents

  • Extract translation catalogs from document files like: .doc, .docx, .rtf and .txt
  • Auto paragraph segmentation
  • Split and join segments
  • Save back translation with or without source

Merge and Update

  • Visually compare between Source and target files
  • Synchronize messages between two files
  • Option to map and unmap translation manually
  • Detect messages which differ slightly from reference due to formatting, spelling, punctuation or wordings
  • Set more options on how to merge translations

Translation Memory

  • Multiple translation memories
  • Suggestion from current catalog
  • Add unit translation to TM from within catalog

Project Manager

  • List all project files in easy to mange list
  • View the most important information of each file
  • Sort project list on any column
  • Statistics for each file and for the whole project
  • Backup project files


  • Open and save Mo files
  • Export to text or cvs files
  • Save obsolete, fuzzy, or selected messages in external files

Array Templates

  • Export translation catalogs to other formats using templates
  • Pre-Built templates for saving as PHP arrays or files as: TMX, TBX, XLIFF, QT TS, HTML and others
  • Add new templates
  • Define character escapes for each template
  • View life result instantly while editing the template


  • Statistics for: translated, un-translated, fuzzy, plurals, obsolete, errors and warnings
  • Statistics with chart graph
  • Word count